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A time of reflection and taking safety measures

August 17, 2020

As we wrap up our summer and prepare for the fall, reflect on the months behind and focus on the months ahead. If you have a paper and pen, draw a photo. A photo of what makes you feel most safe. All of our photos will look different from others. Yours may show your home, others may have their families. We are all very different and view our own life differently than others. While you remind yourself of what makes you feel safe, think about what may help your children or teenagers feel safe. Did you know that strong family bonds are crucial in a child or young person’s life? Have your children draw their photo of what is safe for them. Take some time to talk about what each of you drew. Use that time to have a conversation and understand how you may be able to help them feel safe. Also, be sure to lock up or safeguard any prescription drugs and/or alcohol in your household. With children and teenagers home more, it is important to keep everyone’s safety in mind. If you do not have a cabinet with a lock, find a safe place to store them in order to keep them out of reach of anyone under the age of 21. UNIDAD Coalition is working hard (virtually) to provide activities and information to families throughout Hidalgo County. Call 787-7111 if you want ideas on ways to engage your youth and to ensure any alcohol or prescription medications are stored safely.

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