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Dealing With Discouragement

July 8, 2022

When we face seasons of discouragement, God will respond to our cries for help.

Nehemiah 1:1-11

Discouragement feels like a big weight on our shoulders. It steals motivation, makes work more difficult, and diminishes our enjoyment of life. The reasons for discouragement vary—general dissatisfaction with life, criticism from others, failure to live up to our own expectations, painful relationships, ongoing trials, declining health, and hopelessness for the future are just a few.

Nehemiah’s situation teaches an important lesson about handling discouragement. When he heard a report about the poor condition of Jerusalem and the plight of the Jewish remnant living there, he was deeply distressed. In his dismay over their situation, Nehemiah turned to the Lord in prayer. He knew that His great God could change the situation. In his prayer, Nehemiah praised God’s awesome character, confessed sin on behalf of himself and the nation, recalled divine promises, and presented his petition.

When we face discouragement, our first priority should be to cry out to our heavenly Father. But our prayers should begin with a focus on the Lord, not our problems. Once we have confessed our sin and adjusted our perspective to see God’s greatness and care, then we’re ready to trust Him to answer our petitions in His timing.

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