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Elsa Reduces Property Tax Rate and Reports a Positive Fund Balance

October 7, 2021

It is said that good things come in bunches; and for Elsa residents, the end of the 2021 fiscal year ended well with the city council approving a property tax rate reduction and with the city reflecting nearly a 3.9 million dollar total fund balance. The very significant funds balance is a drastic improvement over the negative fund balances of just over ten years ago and the years in between. This positive balance allowed for the city to offer its taxpayers a tax rate reduction to 0.08237, a reduction of nearly six cents per hundred dollar valuation over the past two years and nearly seventeen cents less than just six years ago. This latest rate reduction is a trend that has been occurring over the past several years.

Members of the city council were pleased with the very positive year end numbers that, in turn, made for a reduction in what the city needed to levy in the tax rate. “We have been working very closely with our administration to ensure that our taxpayer’s and utility customer’s monies are utilized wisely and with accountability”, remarked mayor Al Perez. Joining Perez in applauding the city’s financial well-being was commissioner Carlos “Cory” Sanchez, stating “having a very strong fund balance and being able to reduce the property tax rate are a direct result of good fiscal management. It is not easy to accomplish these two goals and still undertake the many positive projects that we have in progress and can only occur when a city is successful in securing grants to undertake these projects. We have been fortunate to have been able to manage our local monies well and secure outside funding for the many improvement projects that the city has undertaken. We hope that this is a trend that will continue for us in the future”.

Elsa’s strong local economy could be further boosted by on-going negotiations and plans for numerous developments, to include a one hundred plus lot residential neighborhood, a large building supply center, an assisted living retirement home, a medium sized motel and a very popular fast food chain outlet. Add to that, the plans for having monthly outdoor entertainment venues at the city’s Garden at Pacific Trails facility and it could, therefore, be possible for good things to get better for Elsa residents.

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