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The Musk Foundation Donates $607,562 to San Benito CISD

May 18, 2021
San Benito CISD is proud to announce that it has received a grant of $607,562 from The Musk Foundation. The donation was made after SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk announced via Twitter a few weeks ago that he planned to donate $20 million for schools in Cameron County.

“We are ecstatic to have been selected as a recipient of this funding from The Musk Foundation and appreciate Mr. Musk's support of our schools and our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Nate Carman. "Considering the added challenges associated with educating students through this pandemic, the timing couldn’t be better," he added. 

San Benito CISD will be using the grant money to upgrade equipment and plans to purchase technology for teachers, specifically laptops and IPads. These much-needed resources will enhance educational learning for students and improve instructional modules between teachers and students. 

The Musk Foundation issued the first round of grants, one-quarter of the $20 million, to local school districts throughout Cameron County this week and plans to continue to invest in education by providing other grant opportunities to eligible districts over the course of several phases.

The investment in education by Musk marks the start of strong partnerships as he continues to expand operations of his SpaceX company in the area. Cameron County has become an anchor for future space exploration and a testing site for the company’s newest model rockets. As such, this will create more job opportunities and demand for a STEM/STEAM-based educated workforce. 

"As a district dedicated to elevating opportunities in these fields, we look forward to the many exciting opportunities that this partnership will bring for our students," continued Dr. Carman.

A regional leader and among the first to launch academies and educational curriculums focused on STEM, STEAM, ARTS, Career, and Technical Education (CTE), and other technical programs, San Benito CISD looks forward to continuing to prepare students for advanced, highly skilled, and technological fields in these areas.

"This grant aligns with our commitment to enhancing student experiences by allowing us to purchase the resources needed by our teachers to enhance learning," said Orlando López, San Benito CISD School Board President. "San Benito CISD is committed to providing our students the Gold Standard in Public Education with the skills, resources, and opportunities to graduate college and career ready," he added. 

It is expected that over the next few years, the company’s presence will boost economic growth and job opportunities in the STEM and STEAM fields. All funds provided by The Musk Foundation are to be used only for the benefit of schools and students within Cameron County.

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